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An Enduro motorcycle is a motorcycle specially made for the Enduro sport, with the long travel and medium-hard suspension of a motocross bike conjoined with features such as a headlight and quiet muffler to make the bike street-legal for parts of the track. The engine of an enduro bike is usually a single cylinder 2-stroke between 125cc and 300cc, or 4-stroke between 250 and 650cc.

There can be an advantage to having an engine size smaller than 650cc in some Enduro events as it is nearly always lighter, which means it has easier handling for getting around trees, obstacles, etc. However, in some Enduro events, the larger bike sizes allow them to get up hills without going down a gear or even two.

Features and Construction[edit | edit source]

An enduro bike has a lot of differences between it and its cousins, with a lot of extras compared to moto/supercross bikes. These include:

  • headlight for on road and after dark use
  • brake light/tail light for on road use
  • protective hardware like handguards for hand protection against branches and leaves
  • Skid plate to protect the bottom of bike/motor against mud, logs, etc.
  • Disk brake rotator protectors to help keep mud off the disk and from between the pads and prevent it sticking to the pads
  • Frame guards to prevent damage
  • An exhaust system that is street legal and meets regulations for noise and spark arresting
  • ‘Wide’ gear ratios
  • Narrower handlebars so that the bike can fit between branches and trees easily
  • Front and rear suspension with enough travel and the ability to be set for preload
  • comprehensive/rebound dampening so that the rider can customize the performance of the suspension for his/her physiology, riding style/preferences and the particular terrain of any given Enduro event
  • A roll chart holder/Enduro computer.