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Falcon motorcycles logo

Falcon Motorcycles was founded by underground motorcycle builder Ian Barry[1] and his British born fiancée Amaryllis Knight, daughter of former editor of The Economist magazine Andrew Knight[2] and Indian Architect Sabiha Rumani Malik.[3]

The company specializes in building post-war British bikes from the 1950s and 1960s, predominantly one-of-a-kind Triumphs and Nortons.[1] Ian Barry's distinctive Falcon motorcycles quickly attracted a cult following among his small but devoted group of high profile clientele, including Queens of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, and actors Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee.[4]

Falcon Motorcycles shares a percentage of its annual profit with Riders for Health. "In a land where roads are often busted, rutted or simply nonexistent, nothing beats a bike for getting medicine to the people and people to the hospital. And nothing beats Riders for Health for seeing to it that that job gets done." Time Magazine[5]

Falcon Motorcycles is located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California.


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