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GG Motorrad is a motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1983 and based in Switzerland. Although it was founded during the 1980s, the manufacturer didn't release too many important bikes, being more focused on the development process. However, the first major release came in 1994 when GG Motorrad rolled out a dueto motorcycle with sidecar, a motorcycle equipped with a BMW engine. Unfortunately, only 30 units of the bike were produced, so it's pretty difficult to find one of these nowadays.4 years later, the company launched the GG Spartaco, a cruiser which was based on the Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport but personalized by the company with its own parts. In 2000, the manufacturer continued its series with another bike based on a BMW model. The motorcycles was named GG Cruso and was based on the platform of the BMW R 1200 C. In addition, the company has also created two special versions of this bike, namely the GG Cruso Classic and the GG Cruso S.The time passed by and GG Motorrad continued working on new bikes. Recently, the company rolled out the GG-Quad, a four wheel vehicle equipped with multiple important features.Getting back to GG Cruso S, it is quite a remarkable motorcycle equipped with multiple advanced features, no matter if we're talking about the engine installed on it or about the other features. For example, it comes with an original BMW R 1200 C engine but also with original BMW front and rear disc brakes. However, GG Motorrad has also installed its own parts, such as the front and rear fenders. Moreover, the S version of GG Cruso comes with multiple modifications beside the main version, coming with a modified exhaust system as well as the with a changed fairing with double headlights.