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The Honda CT105T was a 54cc 4-stroke OHV ,push rod dual-purpose motorcycle made by Honda from 1962 through 1965. It was also known as the Trail 55. Some early units had left over 49cc engines from the scooter trade. The C105T had a somewhat unique step-through design which remained during the run of the motorcycle. (30 million)The seat accommodated one person and had an optional buddy seat and large chrome rack as an option the original equipment rack was the size of a shoe box. The larger rack adopted in 64.

1962-63 Honda Trail 55 C105T[edit]

The 1962 through 1963 model years were available in Scarlet Red and Yellow. The exhaust was down-swept at first but soon was changed to the up-sweep design. Trail 55 had a chrome luggage rack behind the seat which was became standard equipment with the 200, the engine: 54cc 4-stroke OHV single cylinder, the transmission was a 3-speed with automatic clutch. The large sprocket was a single piece which required the removal of the rear wheel to assemble. The 2 piece sprocket as seen in the pics came with the ct90 push rod and was readily adaptable to the ct105 with a change of the drive sprocket and larger chain.

  • Serial number began: C105T-100001

1963-65 Honda Trail 55 CA105T[edit]

  • Available colors: Scarlet Red and Yellow
  • The exhaust was up-swept
  • The seat was a solo seat with chrome trim; but larger than the Trail 50
  • The chrome luggage rack behind the seat was standard equipment
  • Later models had a chrome steel front fender
  • Engine: 54cc 4-stroke OHV single cylinder
  • Transmission: three-speed transmission with automatic clutch
  • Serial number began: CA105T-100001
  • Spark Plug: NGK C7HSA

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