Honda C200

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Honda C200

The Honda C200 was a 90cc 4-stroke, OHC, pushrod street motorcycle built by Honda between 1963 and 1966.


The Honda C200 was very similar to the C201 with one major difference. The C200 had a push rod 90cc engine while the C201 had an OHC 90cc engine. The C201 developed into the S90 in succeeding years. It had the look of the Dream series with a front fender that had a reverse curve at the back end. They were also called the CA200 and were produced from 1963 to 1966. The body came in three colors: White, Black, and Scarlet Red (Blue was available in Canada and some other countries). The fuel tank had chrome panels with black rubber knee pads. There was no electric start -- only kick start. The engine displaced 87cc but was considered a 90cc. It had a 4-speed transmission with a manual clutch. The serial number began C200-1000001 (or CA200-1000001).

Honda C200[edit]

Honda C200
Honda C200 red
Honda C200 white
1964 Honda C200 Touring in Black
1964 Honda C200 Touring in Black

Honda C201[edit]

1967 Honda C201

The Honda C201 was a transition model between the C200 and the Honda S90. It was sold in Canada in 1967, but apparently not in the United States. The body was the same as the C200, but the engine was the new OHC 90cc instead of the pushrod 90. In most places in Canada, it was sold along side the C200 and even the S90. The engine size was actually 89cc and the transmission was a 4-speed with a manual clutch. The serial number began C201-1000001.

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