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Honda Dream type showing how the Dream-D eliminated the manual clutch lever
Honda Dream Type D

The Dream Type D was the motorcycle that started it all for the Honda Motor Company.

After World War II ended, Soichiro Honda saw the need for reliable, basic transportation. Japans economy was limping back into shape, and the island nations transportation infrastructure, or what was left of it, was composed mainly of dirt roads.

Mr. Honda's company started by producing small engines that attached to bicycles. But by 1949, he was ready to build his first real motorcycle. With upright seating, a stamped-steel frame and a rear-mounted rack, the Dream Type D was designed above all for ease of use.

According to legend, the machines name, since associated with a variety of Honda products, was inspired by a comment made by one of Honda's employees during a company party. The workers had pushed aside the desks to toast their efforts with home-brewed sake. "It's like a dream," uttered one of the attendees. The name stuck.

Type D Dreams may not have been performers on the street, but considering all that has come after them, their place in motorcycle history is assured.

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