Honda RC143

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1961 Honda RC143
1961 Honda RC143
1960 Honda RC143

Participating in the 1960 race season, the Honda RC143 is a completely new bike from the RC142, the most conspicuous change being the switch from leading link front suspension to telescopic front forks, and although the frame type is still the spine type, practically everything else of the cycle parts is new.

The brakes are changed from single sided two-leading shoes to double sided single leading shoe.

The drive to the camshafts is still with bevel shaft and gears, but the cylinders are now inclined under 35 degrees. The position of the magneto is changed from the inlet camshaft to a place behind the cylinders. Bore and stroke are still 44 x 41 mm, and the power output is now 23 bhp at 14,000 rpm. The carburetors still have remote float bowls. The dry weight is 93 kg.

1960 Honda RC143 left side

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