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The Ruckus is a motorscooter developed by Honda and introduced in America in late 2002 (2003 model year); the Japanese model name for the same design is called a Zoomer. The Ruckus and Zoomer differ from more traditional scooters because of their rugged design including:

  • tires that are thicker and have deep treads
  • a skeleton frame that intentionally lacks an enclosed storage compartment
Honda Ruckus

Specifications[edit | edit source]

(Taken from

Model: Ruckus (NPS50)
Engine Type: 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Carburetion: 15mm CV with automatic choke
Ignition: CD
Transmission: Automatic V-Matic belt drive
Front Suspension: Twin-downtube fork; 2.2 inches travel
Rear Suspension: Single shock; 2.6 inches travel
Front Brakes: Drum
Rear Brakes: Drum
Front Tires: 120/90-10
Rear Tires: 130/90-10
Wheelbase: 49.8 inches
Seat Height: 29.1 inches
Dry Weight: 181 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gallons

Colors[edit | edit source]

2003 models: red or black
2004 models: yellow, black, or camo (brown camouflage)
2005 models: black or silver camo (gray camouflage)
2006 models: white or silver camo (gray camouflage)

(At time of posting, the Honda site showed color schemes for both 2004 and 2005 model years. For fun, a Honda Japan site dedicated to the Zoomer includes a Macromedia Flash game that allows a user to colorize a Ruckus in a wide variety of ways using computer painting tools.)

Interest Groups[edit | edit source]

Ruckus owners are proud individuals. The Ruckus has been affectionately referred to as a Battlescooter and jokingly categorized as an urban assault vehicle. The stock Ruckus looks and rides very much like a two-wheel ATV, but that doesn't stop Ruckus owners from "tricking" or "modding" their vehicles.

Internet forums dedicated to Ruckus owners include:

These forums are helpful for those experiencing problems with their Ruckus that may not require professional mechanical work. They are also good places to find pictures of Ruckuses with special mods and ideas for modding a Ruckus.

Side note: In late 2004 (2005 model year), Honda introduced the "Big Ruckus" to America. It possesses a 249-cc engine and has a different design to accommodate the change in engine size. It still retains, however, the overall Ruckus mindset. Unlike its little brother, the first US Big Ruckus included no color options and came standard as yellow.

2003[edit | edit source]

2003 Honda Ruckus (NPS50) in Black
2003 Honda Ruckus (NPS50) in Black

2004[edit | edit source]

2004 Honda Ruckus (NPS50) in Yellow
2004 Honda Ruckus (NPS50) in Yellow

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Honda Ruckus
Production 2004 - 2019
Class Scooter
single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 37.8mm x 44.0mm
Compression ratio 11.9:1
Top Speed 50 mph
Fuel System carburetor. 18mm cv with automatic choke
Ignition cd
Transmission Gear box: automatic

Final Drive: belt

Clutch: Automatic
Suspension Front: twin-downtube fork
Rear: single shock
Brakes Front: expanding brake (drum brake)
Rear: expanding brake (drum brake)
Front Tire 120/90-10
Rear Tire 130/90-10
Wheelbase 49.8 inches (1265 mm)
Seat Height 28.9 inches (734 mm)
Weight 39.68 pounds (18.0 Kg) (dry), 88.0 kg (wet)
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
Fuel Capacity 1.3 Gallon (4.92 Liters)
Fuel Consumption 1.63 liters/100 km (61.3 km/l or 144.31 mpg)
Manuals Service Manual

The Honda Ruckus was a single cylinder, four-stroke scooter produced by Honda between 2004 and 2019.

Engine[edit | edit source]

The engine was a liquid cooled single cylinder, four-stroke. A 37.8mm bore x 44.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 49.0 cubic centimeters.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a automatic transmission. Power was moderated via the Automatic.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a 120/90-10 front tire and a 130/90-10 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake (drum brake) in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake) in the rear. The front suspension was a twin-downtube fork while the rear was equipped with a single shock. The Ruckus was fitted with a 1.3 Gallon (4.92 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 39.68 pounds (18.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 49.8 inches (1265 mm) long.

2008 Honda Ruckus[edit | edit source]

Looking for a lightweight scooter with cool styling but would rather have it riding well on less-than-perfect roads? The 2007 Honda Ruckus is the perfect answer to your plight, as it brings together the convenience and cheap-to-run costs of a lightweight commuter and all the off-road-worthy features of a trail mini bike.

Beefy and grippy tires make sure the Ruckus provides exceptional traction on loose ground, while the slim profile of the scooter will ensure easy passage through both stuck traffic and on narrow paths in the forest. Cue the easy-to-use automatic transmission, a comfy seat and massive dual headlights for a complete package to go anywhere.

2012 Honda Ruckus[edit | edit source]

2012 Honda Ruckus 2012 Honda Ruckus

If mobility on pretty much any type of roads is your main demand, then Honda's got the perfect machine for you: the 2011 Ruckus. It's hard to imagine a simpler scooter than the Ruckus, pretty much because this is the benchmark for minimalist design. Having ditched everything which seemed to be outside the "bare necessities", the Ruckus still displays a incredibly fun attire: a generous seat for one suspended on a lightweight frame and with open storage space underneath and matching the bare front end loaded with dual headlights.

Riding the Ruckus is easy as pie, thanks to the automatic transmission, while the beefy tires are sure to perform great both on asphalt and on unsealed roads. And with ridiculously low fuel consumption, the 2011 Ruckus is an even greater commuter.

2014 Honda Ruckus[edit | edit source]

2014 Honda Ruckus 2014 Honda Ruckus

The 2013 ruckus is simply Honda proving the world that dual-sport scooters actually exist and are doing just well. If a scooter which cane ride on asphalt and on a fire road is what you're looking for, then look no further than the new Ruckus, as it carries on the acclaimed, proven heritage of the family.

Light, punchy, and enduring, the liquid-cooled 2014 Ruckus is happy to tread on whatever paths you'd lead it to. Compact and sporting powerful drum brakes, this scooter is also providing a solid reassuring feel, inviting you to ride it further and further each time, while still being a tremendously fun city slicer.

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