Honda VTX1800T

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2007 Honda VTX1800T in Black.jpg
Honda VTX1800T
Also called Tourer
Production 2007-2008
Class Cruiser
Spark Plug NGK IFR5L-11Ê
Final Drive Shaft
Front Tire 150/80-17
Rear Tire 180/70-16
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
Manuals Service Manual

VTX power with touring capability. Even when you're not sure where the blacktop might take you, you know what it'll take to get there. A big pair of saddlebags, a large, protective windshield, a supportive passenger backrest, and a powerful presence that's sure to announce your arrival—introducing the new VTX1800T.

  • Tank-Mounted Speedometer
  • Mako Muffler Exhaust Tips
  • Cast Aluminum Wheels


2007 Honda VTX1800T in Black with Black engine
2007 Honda VTX1800 in Black
2007 Honda VTX1800T in Blue/Silver
2007 Honda VTX1800T in Black/Red

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