Kawasaki C2SS and C2TR

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The Kawasaki C2SS or 120 Roadrunner was a 120cc street motorcycle made by Kawasaki from 1962-1968. It was quite similar to the 1967 Avenger SS, except with one expansion chamber and no chrome on the tank.

1964 C2SS

1964 Kawasaki C2SS in Red
1964 Kawasaki C2SS in Silver
1964 Kawasaki C2SS
1960s Kawasaki C2SS Tank Emblem


  • 120cc 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Blue, Red, Silver
    • Front Fender: Stainless steel
    • Frame: Black

1968 C2TR

1968 Kawasaki C2TR in Red
1968 Kawasaki C2TR in Red

  • Featured 4-speed with high/low gears. Oil injected.

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