Kawasaki F12MX

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1973 Kawasaki F12MX

The Kawasaki F12MX was a 450cc, 2-stroke, off-road and motocross motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki for the production year of 1973. This was the largest displacement motorcycle in the Kawasaki F-series and had a downswept muffler and CDI ignition system. The F12MX lead directly to the 1974 manufacture of the Kawasaki KX450, another motocross bike.

The Kawasaki F12MX currently can participate in AHRMA sponsored events in the Sportsman 600 which are 1974 and earlier machines manufactured as 251-600cc, including like-design models. [1] Kawasaki manufactured a road racing version of this bike known as the Kawasaki A1R.


  • 450cc
  • 2-Stroke, 1 Cylinder
  • Piston Inlet Port
  • 5-Speed Return Shift
  • Maximum Horsepower: 38 HP 8,500 rpm
  • Spark Plug: NGK B9HS
  • Tire Size
  • Front: 3.00-21 4PR
  • Rear: 4.0-18 4PR
  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Lime Green
    • Front Fender: Black
  • Engine No.: 90001-
  • Frame No.: 90001-
  • Parts Catalog No. : 99997-6 12