Kawasaki F81M

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The Kawasaki F81M "Green Streak" was a 250cc, 2-stroke, off-road motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki only for the production year of 1971 as part of the successful Kawasaki F-series which began with the Kawasaki F4 238cc in 1969.

The F81M was the racing version of the Kawasaki F8 and had raised fenders, an expansion chamber, and used a bean oil-fuel mixture as opposed to oil injection into the combustion chamber. The F81M shared the early 1970s racing stage with the Kawasaki G31M "Centurian" 100cc Flat Track -Tourist Trophy-motocross motorcycle. The F81M was replaced in 1974 with the Kawasaki KX250, a true motocross bike.

Image available at: http://bikes.Ujack.us/F81M/