Kawasaki G5

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Kawasaki G5
Successor Kawasaki KE100A
Top Speed 55 mph
Horsepower 11 HP @ 7,500 rpm
Spark Plug NGK B8HS
Transmission 5-Speed Return Shift
Front Tire 2.75-18
Rear Tire 3.00-18
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40

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The Kawasaki G5 was a dual-purpose motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki from 1972 through 1975 sharing the Kawasaki 100cc stable with the Kawasaki G4TR. A very decent trail or off-road bike, the G5 had sufficient power and torque. In many ways, it filled the 100cc gap in the F-series. The G5 was replaced by the Kawasaki KE100 in 1976.

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  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Yellow
    • Front Fender: Yellow
  • Engine No.: G5E000001-
  • Frame No.: G5-000001-
  • Parts Catalog No.: 99997-516
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99997-523
  • Shop Manual No.: 99995-201 (SM-1)
  • Remarks: On and off-road model. Features rear fender cover and trial universal tires.

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1973 Kawasaki G5A

  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Orange, Candy Blue
    • Front Fender: Same as fuel tank
  • Engine No.: G5E022055-
  • Frame No.: G5-022027-
  • Parts Catalog No.: 99997-551S
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99997-523-01
  • Shop Manual No.: 99995-201 (SM-1)


In 1974, major changes for the G5 were color and marking and turn signal lights as standard equipment. Front tire size changed to 2.75-19 4PR.

  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Candy Blue, Candy Orange
    • Front Fender: Same as fuel tank
  • Engine No.: G5E045001-
  • Frame No.: G5-045001-
  • Parts Catalog No. : 99997-620s
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99997-820
  • Shop Manual No.: 99997-7 13-00
  • Major Changes: Marking. Brake lining wear indicator added.


  • Color
    • Fuel Tank: Candy Red, Candy Gold
    • Front Fender: Same as fuel tank
  • Engine No.: G5E069700-
  • Frame No.: G5-070500-
  • Parts Catalog No. : 99997-651 -50s
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99997-836
  • Shop Manual No.: 99997-713-00
  • Major Changes: Color and marking. Choke lever on the left switch case discontinued.


Model code changed to KE100 see Kawasaki KE100 for more details.

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