Kawasaki KH400: review, history, specs

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Kawasaki KH400
Also called KH 400
Production 1976 - 1978
Class Standard
Predecessor Kawasaki S3
in-line three, two-stroke
Bore / Stroke 57.0mm x 52.3mm
Compression ratio 6.5:1
Top Speed 103 mph (166 km/h)
Horsepower 37.15 HP (27.7 KW) @ 7000RPM
Torque 28.03 ft/lbs (38.0 Nm) @ 6500RPM
Fuel System Carburetors
Transmission Gear box: 5-speed

Final Drive: chain

Clutch: Wep multi-discs
Suspension Front: Telescopic hydraulic forks
Rear: Dual shocks, Swing arm
Brakes Front: single disc
Rear: expanding brake
Front Tire 3.25-18
Rear Tire 3.50-18
Wheelbase 53.7 inches (1364 mm)
Length 79.69 inches (2024 mm)
Width 32.28 inches (820 mm)
Weight 177.0 kg (wet)
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40
Fuel Capacity 3.7 Gallon (14.00 Liters)
Related Kawasaki H1
Manuals Service Manual

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The Kawasaki KH400 was a 400cc, 2-stroke, street motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki from 1976 through 1978. The KH400 was the successor to the Kawasaki S3. It could reach a top speed of 103 mph (166 km/h). Max torque was 28.03 ft/lbs (38.0 Nm) @ 6500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 37.15 HP (27.7 KW) @ 7000 RPM.

Changes between the S3 and KH400 was in the lowering of horsepower, color, markings, carburetor settings, handlebar grips, and spark plug. A CDI ignition was added as well as water-resistant brake pads, and three-fuse system adopted.

Engine[edit | edit source]

The engine was a air cooled in-line three, two-stroke. A 57.0mm bore x 52.3mm stroke result in a displacement of just 400.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a port control.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a 5-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the Wep multi-discs.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a 3.25-18 front tire and a 3.50-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via single disc in the front and a expanding brake in the rear. The front suspension was a Telescopic hydraulic forks while the rear was equipped with a Dual shocks, Swing arm. The KH400 was fitted with a 3.7 Gallon (14.00 Liters) fuel tank. The wheelbase was 53.7 inches (1364 mm) long.

1976 KH400-A3[edit | edit source]

  • Maximum Horsepower:
  • 38 HP @ 7,000 rpm
  • (W) 36 HP @ 7,000 spm
  • Spark Plug: NGK B8HS
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Dark Green, Orange
  • Front Fender: Chrome
  • Engine No.: S3EO26300-
  • Frame No.: S3F-26200-
  • Parts Catalogue No.: 99997-624-52S, (G) 99997-624-53S, (E) 99997-669 plus 99997-669-01R
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99997-878-00
  • Shop Manual No.: 99931-500-00
  • Major Changes: Model code change for the Kawasaki S3. Color, marking, carburetor setting, grips, and spark plug. CDI ignition system, locking tank cap,

1977 KH400-A4[edit | edit source]

1977 Kawasaki KH400-A4

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Candy Emerald Green, Candy
  • Royal Purple
  • Front Fender: Chrome
  • Engine No.: S3E033601-
  • Frame No.: S3F-033601-
  • Parts Catalogue No. : 99997-624-54S, (E) 99997-669-50S plus 99997-669-02R
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99932-003-00
  • Shop Manual No.: 99931-500-00
  • Major Changes: Color and marking.

1978 KH400-A5[edit | edit source]

1978 Kawasaki KH400-A5

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Candy Persimmon Red, Candy
  • Lime Green
  • Front Fender: Chrome
  • Engine No.: S3E042801-
  • Frame No.: S3F-042801-
  • Parts Catalogue No.: 99997-624-558, (E) 99997-669-51S
  • Owner's Manual No. : 99920-1024-00, (E) 99920-1015-00
  • Shop Manual No.: 99931-500-00
  • Major Changes: Color, marking, seat, and brake master cylinder.

Photos[edit | edit source]

1976 - 1980 Kawasaki KH 400 1976 - 1980 Kawasaki KH 400

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