Kawasaki KLX400R

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Kawasaki KLX400R
Also called klx400r.jpg
Production 03
Class Dual purpose
Spark Plug NGK CR8E '03
Final Drive Chain: 520x112 ‘03[1]
Front Sprocket 14T ‘03[1]
Rear Sprocket 47T ‘03[1]
Front Tire 80/100-21 '03
Rear Tire 120/90-18 '03
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40
Related Suzuki DR-Z400
Competition Suzuki DR-Z400
Manuals Service Manual

The Kawasaki KLX400R is a motorcycle produced by Kawasaki in 2003. When other motorcycle manufacturers noticed a gap in their lineups, they fired up their R&D machine and developed a motorcycle to fill the gap. In Kawasaki and Suzuki recently entered into a sort of partnership to flesh out these gaps in their lineups without tiring out their R&D departments or draining the budget. They agreed to share certain models and, voila, a green DR-Z400 rebadged as a KLX400. Of course, Suzuki has the DR-Z400 in kickstart and electric-start flavors, while the KLX comes only with electric start.

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