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Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen (KTM) is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, that has been building motorcycles since 1953. They have a strong reputation in motocross and enduro racing. The early roadsters produced by KTM were mostly small-capacity two-strokes, powered by engines from the fellow Austrian firm of Rotax. In 1991 KTM went bankrupt due to losses on its bicycle and radiator manufacturing operations. Motorcycle production was recommenced soon afterwards under new ownership. Recently production has focused on large four-stroke singles, including enduro bikes and the Duke, a 620cc dual sport.

Model Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

Dirt/Enduro (???? to 2022)[edit | edit source]

Example: KTM 350 XCF-W. A 350cc class (350) dirt bike, cross-country (XC), not street legal (not EXC), four-stroke (F) with a wide range transmission (-W)

Suffix Classes
Partial Suffix General Description Stroke (1)
SX supercross (SX), motocross, track 2T or 4T
XC cross-country (XC), dirt bike, lacking some or all street legal features 2T or 4T
EXC enduro (E) cross-country (XC), dirt bike, off-road capable, street legal features 4T only (2022)

(1) The 'T' abbreviation for stroke is from the German word 'takt' which means, roughly, beat, or part of an operation,

Suffix Sub-classes
Partial Suffix Sub-classes Meaning
SX SX 2-stroke
SX-F 4-stroke
XC XC 2-stroke
XC-F or XCF 4-stroke
XCF-W XCF+wide range transmission
EXC EXC No models exist, this is shorthand for "EXC-F" in 2022
EXC-F 4-stroke
EXC-G California compliant EXC-F (1)

(1) EXC-G: California has a "green sticker" and "red sticker" law that, based on emissions, lets the green stickered bikes ride year-round. The red-stickered bikes are limited to certain months.

Motorcycles by name[edit | edit source]

SX (2T motocross)[edit | edit source]

SX-F (4T motocross)[edit | edit source]

XC (2T dirt bike)[edit | edit source]

XC-F (aka XCF) and XCF-W (4T dirt bike)[edit | edit source]

EXC (2T enduro, none exist)[edit | edit source]

No 2T models exist, "EXC" is common shorthand for "EXC-F"

EXC-F or EXC-G (4T enduro, road, dirt capable)[edit | edit source]

Note: The "-G" suffix is an EXC-F that is California emissions compliant for the green emissions sticker. Please add a re-direct to about the "-G" version to the EXC-F page unless a EXC-G version does not have an equivalent EXC-F model.

Note: "EXC" is common shorthand for an "EXC-F" because there are currently (2022) no existing bikes that are 2-strokes in the EXC space and there probably will never be because of emissions and consumer demand.

Other[edit | edit source]