Newman Indian Identification Guide

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Newman Indian (1970-1976) Identification Guide[edit]

From dsntcmpute's 1970's Indians Yahoo Group

All cycles with no front downtubes:

  • ItalJet models,all made in Italy. 50cc Morini and Minarelli engines.

All cycles with front downtubes:

  • Taiwan-made "Indian" cycles,usually larger than 50cc (except SE54). The odd man out here is the CX80/CX50 which have downtubes but were ItalJet sourced.

All with headlights/taillights:

  • Taiwan made SE54/74,ME/MS/MI models 70cc thru 175.

All with side hinged seats:

  • Taiwan made M-series.70cc thru 175cc.

All with Indian head profile cast into engine side cover:

  • 175cc Minarelli

All with oval "Indian" removeable side nameplates:

  • 50/70/75/80cc Minarelli engines.

All with rectangular riveted Indian nameplate:

  • 125cc (71-75)

All with plastic airboxes,frame sidecovers:

  • 1975 175cc,1976 125/175cc models.