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PGO was founded in 1964 as one of the pioneers to manufacture scooters in Taiwan. Through a technical cooperation with ITALY Piaggio from 1972 to 1982 and never ending devotion to the development of new technology and trendily design, PGO has been creating numerous popular scooters well accepted worldwide. For years, under the supervisions of successive CEO and contribution of each staff, PGO has built up an efficient organism to cope with the fast changeable market. Each of our daily operation is backed up by our knowledgeable and responsible staff. Also through a closely partnership with us, Societe Commerciale Euro-Taiwanaise (EUROTAI), the PGO’s exclusive exporter partner since 1986, EUROTAI successfully launched PGO to be the first Taiwanese scooters in Europe in 1988. Working by heart with PGO, EUROTAI forged a winning strategy together with PGO for 21st century.