Pacific Motors

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In 1920s Los Angeles, local Indian dealer C. Will Risdon was the most prominent dealer in the area, particularly in the lucrative and high profile police sales. He decided to retire in 1925, and looked around for someone to buy his well-established, well-equipped dealership. An offer came in from A.F. Van Order but Risdon was suspicious, knowing that Van Order worked for Harley dealer Rich Ruddier; but Van Order's story was that he had been sacked, and wanted to set up in competition with his old boss. Risdon was persuaded, and his dealership passed to Van Order's holding company, named Pacific Motors. He immediately increased the fire insurance coverage to its maximum, and the following month the entire premises burnt down! Nothing was ever proved in court. But on the night of the fire Van Order was out of town' and Ruddier was found in bed, fully clothed and with his shoes on.