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An image showing how the prolink system works

Honda's rear swingarm suspension system similar to the UNI-TRAK system.

Pro-Link® Rear Suspension[edit | edit source]

Honda's Pro-Link rear suspension system offers compliant and comfortable ride quality with a high level of wheel control. It connects a single spring/damper unit to the swingarm via a progressive linkage and delivers an ideal combination of spring and damping rates over a wide range of riding conditions. Initial rates are soft for supple action over small bumps and ripples, while increasingly stiffer rates resist bottoming and maintain rear-wheel control over rougher surfaces.

An additional benefit of Pro-Link is mass centralization because it places the suspension unit close to the center of the motorcycle.

Unit Pro-Link® Rear Suspension[edit | edit source]

Unit Pro-Link Rear Suspension is patterned after Honda's world-championship-winning MotoGP RC211V®. The upper shock mount is contained within the swingarm rather than being mounted to the frame. With no top frame mount for the shock, this unique system reduces negative suspension energy from being transmitted into the frame, allowing optimum frame rigidity and improved rideability out of corners. It also permits repositioning of the fuel tank lower and closer to the machine's center of mass.