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Showa Corporation (株式会社ショーワ, Kabushiki-kaisha Showa) is a manufacturer of high-performance automotive, motorcycle and outboard suspension systems based in Gyoda, Saitama in Japan.

Founded in October 1938 in Japan's drive to develop its military capability in preparation for World War II, Showa supplied aircraft suspension and landing systems to various aircraft manufacturers. Banned from developing or manufacturing aircraft systems post WW2, Showa entered the car components industry, using its aircraft knowledge to develop specialist suspension solutions for motorcycles made by the new company Honda.

The relationship between Showa and Honda developed over the years, with Honda Racing Corporation accounting for more than 50% of Showa’s business.

1957 Showa Cruiser[edit | edit source]

1957 Showa Cruiser

Showa motorcycles are extremely rare, this machine was shipped back to San Diego in the 1960s by a serviceman stationed in Japan. General design and styling borrow heavily from contemporary German machines. Today Showa are better known as manufacturer's of high quality suspension components.