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Yamaha YZF-R1

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|fuel_capacity = 4.5 Gallon (17.03 Liters)
|oil_capacity = 1.03 Gallon (3.90 Liters)
|fuel_consumption = 6.92 litresliters/100 km (14.5 km/l or 33.99 mpg)
|turning_radius =
|related = [[Yamaha YZF-R6]], [[Yamaha FZ1]]
The 2004 R1 carries on the successful recipe, with the proven 998cc, 180hp, ram-air injected recipe, a more carefully-distributed weight and a revised power management software. The result is a spectacularly nimble superbike, with a high-compression engine and equally high performance thanks to the lightweight Deltabox aluminium aluminum chassis and top-notch WSBK-inspired suspensions, steering damper and premium brakes.
A track-worthy package in a streetable guise, the 2004 YZF-R1 is a reputable adversary both on the closed track and on curvy canyon asphalt.
The 2009 MY YZF-R1 retains the acclaimed crossplane crankshaft for exceptionally smooth, linear throttle for an incredible feeling of being actually connected to the bike and rear tire. The all-new engine for 2009 feels and sounds smoother, and its MotoGP-derived inspiration makes it the most advanced power plant ever to sit in a Yamaha sport machine.
Yamaha has also made major changes for the Deltabox aluminium aluminum frame, has brought solid updates to the bodywork and refined the SOQI independent damping fork's performance for even better cornering.

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