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Honda CBR1000RR

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Inspired and derived from the race track machinery, the 2008 CBR1000RR is a liter-class bike which will take your breath away. Dripping with monstrous power and loaded with MotoGP-derived technologies such as the Unit Pro-Link rear suspension, this machine also brings a top-drawer racing-class fork and electronic steering damper for increased tracking precision.
A toy for experienced bikers and acing enthusiasts, the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR comprises multiple lightweight aluminium aluminum parts to shave weight and add to the overall handling. Revised mass distribution makes the bike more compact, and the tank placed low in the frame helps for an even "easier-to-ride" center of gravity.
Ready for both city rides, but obviously more at home on the track, the 2010 Honda CBR1000RR is the sum of all the racing goodies the Japanese manufacturer has in store. Packing mind-boggling performance specs proven at the races and then tuned to a streetable level, the 2010 CBR1000RR is one of the most loved liter-class superbikes of the planet.
Combined ABS, an electronic steering damper and race-derived twin-spar aluminium aluminum chassis are only few of the tech features which make the CBR1000RR stand in the pack-leading position. Add in the HMAS suspensions, centrally-placed tank and a heap of other high-tech details and prepare for a mind-blowing experience!

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