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Kawasaki KZ1000P

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letter C in their frame number identifies these bikes. Models after 1981 were
known as the KZ1000-P. They were finished in white and fitted out in all the
police gear. The popular seventies TV series '[ CHIPS]' brought them to everybody's
attention. Quite a few of them have found their way to Europe and there is even
an owners club for them, where owners dress up like Californian highway patrol
In 1937, Meguro (merged with Kawasaki in 1963) manufactured 500cc single
engines, and the engineers who developed this technology moved to Kawasaki.
These engineers played a major role in developing the [[Kawasaki W1|650cc W seriesmotorcycles]]
This experience provided Kawasaki with the basic skills to develop four cycle
engines.In 1967 Kawasaki made a decision to develop a high-performance
motorcycle which would far exceed the 650W1, the largest motorcycles in Japan
that time.
As the United States was targeted as the main market for these high performance
motorcycles, the development team was sent to the U.S. where they secretly
worked out a plan for the new model.Finally, the displacement of the new model was set at 750cc and a mock-up wascompleted in October 1968.However, Honda announced a new 750cc single-over-head-cam (SOHC) motorcycle attheTokyo Motor Show held the same year. The Kawasaki management staff realized it
was meaningless to come out with a similar model after Honda had already
introduced theirs, so all development efforts on Kawasaki's 750cc model were
In 1970, the [[Kawasaki Z1 |Z1]] (development code T103) developing project team was reunited
with the best staff in all the fields joining the project. This group repeated
research and experiments to develop a better .
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