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Suzuki TS185

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|battery = {{battery|YUASA 6N4-2A}} '71-76<br />{{battery|YUASA 6N4B-2A}} '77-81
|transmission = Gear box: 5-speed <br>
Final Drive: [[chain]] <br>
Clutch: wet multiplate <br>
|final_drive = {{chain|520x}}
|frame =
|suspension =Front: telescopic, [[coil]] spring, oil damped <br>
Rear: swing arm, oil damped, spring preload
|brakes =Front: expanding [[brake]] (drum brake) <br>Rear: expanding brake (drum brake)
|front_tire = {{tire|3.00-19}} '71-73 <br /> {{tire|2.75-21}} '74-81 <ref name="wps_street_2019">{{cite book|title=2019 Western Power Sports Catalog|publisher=[ Western Power Sports]|date=2019}}</ref>|rear_tire = {{tire|3.50-18}} '71-79 <br /> {{tire|4.10-18}} '80-81 ref name="wps_street_2019"/>
|rake_trail =
|wheelbase = 54.13 inches (1375 mm)
|competition = [[Honda SL175]] <br /> [[Kawasaki F7]]/[[Kawasaki KE175B|KE175]]<br />[[Yamaha CT1]]/[[Yamaha CT2|CT2]]/[[Yamaha DT175|DT175]]
 The '''[[Suzuki]] TS185''' was a single cylinder, two-stroke [[enduro]] [[motorcycle]] produced by [[Suzuki]] between 1980 1971 and 20181981. It could reach a top speed of 86 mph (138 km/h). Max [[torque]] was 14.46 ft/lbs (19.6 Nm) @ 5200 RPM. Claimed [[horsepower]] was 17.57 HP (13.1 KW) @ 6000 RPM.
It came with a 2.75-21 front [[tire]] and a 4.10-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake (drum brake) in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake) in the rear. The front suspension was a telescopic, coil spring, oil damped while the rear was equipped with a swing arm, oil damped, spring preload. The TS185ER was fitted with a 1.85 Gallon (7.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 224.87 pounds (102.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 54.13 inches (1375 mm) long.
The '''Suzuki TS185''' is a [[motorcycle]] produced by [[Suzuki]] from 1971 to 1981.
==TS185 Sierra== 
==1971 TS185R==
==1973 TS185K==
[[Image<gallery mode='packed-hover'>File:1973-Suzuki-TS185K.jpg|left|thumb|1973 Suzuki TS185K]][[ImageFile:1973-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-9246-0.jpg|left|thumb|1973 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]][[ImageFile:1973-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-9246-1.jpg|left|thumb|1973 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]][[ImageFile:1973-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-9246-2.jpg|left|thumb|1973 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]]<br style="clear: left"/gallery
*FRAME #: TS185-52592
==1974 TS185L==
[[Image<gallery mode='packed-hover'>File:1974-Suzuki-TS185L.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185L]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Silver-0.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Silver]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Silver-1.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Silver]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-5902-0.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-5902-2.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-5902-3.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]][[ImageFile:1974-Suzuki-TS185-Yellow-5902-4.jpg|left|thumb|1974 Suzuki TS185 in Yellow]]<br style="clear: left"/gallery
*FRAME #: TS185-84664
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