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Honda NT650

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[[Image:1988HondaHawkGT-02.jpg|thumb|Honda Hawk GT|200px|right|650cc Honda Hawk GT]]
The bike's main distinction is in its [[motorcycle frame|frame]] and [[motorcycle swingarmSwingarm|swingarm]]. The dual spar aluminum frame and single sided swingarm (licensed from ELF) were pretty high tech in 1988. The mildly tuned [[motorcycle motor|motor]] is descended from the [[Honda VT500|VT500]] and has been seen, in one guise or another, in several other models.
The bike was ahead of its time in many regards and as a result was not a strong seller despite the bike having grown to cult status. The Hawk GT was one of the first modern Naked bikes, released several years before the [[Ducati]] Monster and eventually the [[Suzuki SV650]]. Some sources claim that [[Triumph]] found much of the inspiration for the t509 Speed Triple/t595 Daytona from the Hawk GT and if one compares the two bikes side by side, the Triumph mimics many of the Hawks lines and shapes.

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