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Suzuki TS185

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==TS185 Sierra==
==1971 TS185R==[[Image:1971-Suzuki-TS185R.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki TS185R]]<br style="clear: left"/> *FRAME #: TS185-10001*ENGINE #: ... .. TS185-10001*ENGINE TYPE: ... 183cc 2 Strk.*MODEL CODE: ... 290*COLOR: Strip Orange, Hawaii Green* Chrome fenders* Steel lower forks* Silver side cover==1972TS185J==[[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185J.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185J]][[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185-Sierra-Blue-6872-0.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185 Sierra in Blue]][[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185-Sierra-Blue-6872-1.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185 Sierra in Blue]][[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185-Sierra-Blue-6872-2.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185 Sierra in Blue]][[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185-Sierra-Blue-6872-3.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185 Sierra in Blue]][[Image:1972-Suzuki-TS185-Sierra-Blue-6872-4.jpg|left|thumb|1972 Suzuki TS185 Sierra in Blue]]
<br style="clear: left"/>
*FRAME #: TS185-24292
*ENGINE #: ... .. TS185-24309
*ENGINE TYPE: ... 183cc 2 Strk.
*MODEL CODE: ... 290
*COLOR: Ascot Red, Redondo Blue
* Chrome fenders
* Side cover primary color

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