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I am creating an IT TT hybrid from a 1983 IT250 and 1980 tt250, the TT 4 stroke motor going into the IT frame. So far the project is going well. Some more frame mode to finish and painting. Looking forward to getting out on the trail. How do you post pictures in here?
:To post pictures you'll have to create an [ account and login] then you can go to [ the upload page] and upload pictures (after logging in of course). Uploading the file should be straight forward, once it's uploaded you'll be at an image page like this one [[MediaImage:1964-Triumph-Bonneville-T120-Blue-1045-0.jpg|thumb|150px]]. On the image page look for the table cell that says "Wiki Code" and copy and paste that into the page you want to add the image to (the last part of that code inside the ]]'s is the description so edit it to whatever is most descriptive. Once you get this far, if you need any help with resizing or anything I'll be glad to help.--[[User:Budlight|Budlight]] 10:21, 13 January 2007 (EST)
OK, I'm new to this stuff. Created my id and pw and uploaded 2 pics of the project bike. All I want to do is put it out there so you can see a description and the pictures but I don't seem to be able to get what I want. Help doing that appreciated.

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