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Thanks Bud, that put it out there for others to see, thanks. Yes, I'm aware of and use the cut/copy/paste feature and that is nice. What is confusing is that it is not intuitive how you get it out there in the public area to view, or how you go between the 2 areas. It just seems like there is a private area to put it together, and then you have to do something to make it go public. I'm missing that connection. I was able to edit what you put out there and add some descriptions to the 2 new pics, which was what I wanted, and you got it out there so others could see it. Thanks for the help, Ron
:Well "Talk" pages should be the private areas where you can discuss an article, I agree that its odd that they are labeled discussion, maybe I should rename them to talk. In the user area these same pages are called user_talk. I'm not sure if that's really helpful. Your welcome for the help earlier too.--[[User:Budlight|Budlight]] 07:31, 29 January 2007 (EST)

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