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==Integral Fairing==
Curiously enough , throughout motorcycling history fairings (at first a simple aluminum shell, then a fiberglass molding, and now made from plastics) and frames have always been poor relations. With the BMW R100 RS, the ABS fairing became for the first time an integral part of the machine. There was a high level of Finish on its internal Face including a fully equipped instrument panel and excellent aerodynamics developed in the wind tunnel. The tunnel trials enhanced the bike's performance while giving the rider levels of comfort and protection which remain the standard today.
[[Image:1978-BMW-R100RS-White-6459-0.jpg|left|thumb|1978 BMW R100RS in White]][[Image:1978-BMW-R100RS-White-6459-1.jpg|left|thumb|1978 BMW R100RS in White]][[Image:1978-BMW-R100RS-White-6459-2.jpg|left|thumb|1978 BMW R100RS in White]][[Image:1978-BMW-R100RS-White-6459-3.jpg|left|thumb|1978 BMW R100RS in White]]
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*Spark Plug: NGK [[NGK BCPR7ET|BCPR7ET]]
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