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Honda RC51

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[[Image:Honda VTR1000 SP2.gif|thumb|300px|Honda VTR1000 SP2]]
The '''Honda RC51''' [[motorcycle]] is a racing motorcycle powered by a one liter (999cc) liquid-cooled 90-degree [[V-twin]] engine. The RC51 is also known in the United States as the '''RVT1000R''', and in Europe it is called the '''VTR1000'''. It was designed as the motorcycle to be used by [[Honda]]'s racing teams in World [[Superbike racing]]. The 2000-2001 models are designated SP1 while the 2002-2006 models are designated SP2 (the latter having updated fuel injection and suspension).
In 1988, new rules in superbike racing allowed V-twin engines up to 999cc's to compete. Prior to the rules change, 750cc four cylinder motorcycles were the dominant force in World Superbike racing. The first two years, Honda continued to win the World Superbike Championship with their [[RC30]], powered by a 750cc V-4. In 1990, however, [[Raymond Roche]] secured [[Ducati]]'s first world title aboard the [[Ducati 851]]. Throughout the next 11 years, Ducati would go on to win 8 World Superbike Championships with their V-twins (Honda won two and [[Kawasaki]] just one).

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