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Suzuki T125

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{{Infobox Motorcycle|name = Suzuki T125|image = |aka = |manufacturer = [[Suzuki]]|parent_company = |production = 67-71|model_year = |predecessor = |successor = |class = |engine = |bore_stroke = |compression = |top_speed = |power = |torque = |ignition = |spark_plug = |battery = |transmission = |frame = |suspension = |brakes = |tires = |rake_trail = |wheelbase = |length = |width = |height = |seat_height = |dry_weight = |wet_weight = |fuel_capacity = |oil_capacity = |fuel_consumption = |turning_radius = |related = |competition = |manuals =}}The '''Suzuki T125 Stinger''' was a 125[[cc]] [[two stroke]] [[street motorcycle]] manufactured by [[Suzuki]] from 1959 1967 through 1971in differing variants.==1967==The 1967 version was a complete street version with low swept exhaust, street fenders, street handlebars and seat. It was a totally different bike from the '''T125 Stinger''', introduced a couple of years later. Unlike the Stinger, styled like a competition bike, the original T125 looked more like the other bikes of the Suzuki T series, the [[Suzuki T20 Super Six (X6 Hustler)]] being the most famous of them. [[Image:1967 T125 Japan bw side 450.jpg|left|thumb|1967 T125 Street motorcycle]]*Overall Lenght: 1,930 mm (76.0 in)*Overall Width: 775 mm (30.5 in)*Overall Height: 1,030 mm (40.6 in)*Wheelbase: 1,285 mm (50.6 in)*Dry Weight: 127 kg (280 lbs)*Engine type: 124cc air-cooled dual carburetor 2-stroke parallel twin. 15.0 ps/ 8,500 rpm, 1.38 kg-m/ 7,000 rpm. 5-speed transmission.<br><br><br> ==1969 T125 Stinger==The '''T125 Stinger''' was introduced for 1969 and looked very sporty with its slim fuel tank and high-drawn exhaust pipes. Unfortunately the Stinger wasn't as fast on the track as it looked. Especially the brakes and the soft suspension were not as good as some other 125cc bikes from the period.  The export model, T125 Stinger, had a different fuel tank that the Japanese domestic model, called Suzuki T125 Wolf. The [[Suzuki T90 Wolf]], apparently only available in Japan, had similar tank to the exported T125 Stinger.[[Image:1969 T125 Stinger 850.jpg|left|thumb|1969 Suzuki T125 Stinger]]*Overall length: 1,835 mm (72.2 in)*Overall width: 790 mm (31.1 in)*Overall height: 1,080 mm (42.5 in)*Wheelbase: 1,190 mm (46.9 in)*Ground clearance: 170 mm (6.7 in)*Dry weight: 96 kg (211 lbs)*Engine type: 124 cc air-cooled dual carburetor 2-stroke parallel twin. 15,0 ps/ 8,500 rpm, 1.38 kg-m/ 7,000 rpm. 5 speed transmission.<br><br>==1970 T125II "Blazer"==The '''T125 (Stinger/Blazer)''' had the appearance of a [[dual-purpose motorcycle]] with trail-style braced front fender, rear fender with good ground clearance, and cross braced handlebars.==1970 T125II==[[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II]][[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II-Green-3187-0.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II in Green]][[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II-Green-3187-1.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II in Green]][[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II-Green-3187-2.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II in Green]][[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II-Green-3187-3.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II in Green]][[Image:1970-Suzuki-T125II-Green-3187-4.jpg|left|thumb|1970 Suzuki T125II in Green]]
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*ENGINE TYPE: 124cc 2 Strk. [[Two-stroke]] Twin
*COLOR: Pop Green
==1971 T125R==
[[Image:1971-Suzuki-T125R.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki T125R]][[Image:1971-Suzuki-T125-Stinger-Green-100-0.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger in Green]][[Image:1971-Suzuki-T125-Stinger-Green-100-1.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger in Green]][[Image:1971-Suzuki-T125-Stinger-Green-100-2.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger in Green]][[Image:1971-Suzuki-T125-Stinger-Green-100-3.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger in Green]]
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*FRAME #: T125-114992
*ENGINE #: T125-115148
*ENGINE TYPE: 124cc 2 Strk. [[Two-stroke]] Twin
*COLOR: Morrow Green
*[ Suzuki Models 1969]
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