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Honda CD70

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Amazingly cheap, a genuine 40 [[miles]] (64 [[km]]) per [[liter]]. Solid as a rock, extremely reliable and a very practical commuter, no maintenance required whatsoever, this [[motorcycle| bike]] offered a 50 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]] [[Motorcycle| bike]] economy with the power of a 70 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]] [[Motorcycle| bike]] , In Belgium and Brazil this model made [[Honda]] very popular, in Asia (Specially Pakistan) [[Honda]] owes its huge success to this model.
In Pakistan it earned the nick name “Rocket” for its ability to climb very steep roads with considerable loads despite its very small [[engine]] [[capacity]] (only 72[[Cubic centimetre|cm³cc]]) where rival [[Two-stroke]] usually failed. This [[motorcycle]] came fitted with a triangular [[speedometer]] with gear range markings and a maximum calibration of 60 [[mph]] (96 [[km/h]]). An interesting feature of this [[motorcycle]] was its ability to reach speeds of 60 [[mph]] (96 [[km/h]]), providing the rider psychological thrill of watching the needle pointing at maximum [[calibration]] on the [[speedometer]] even though the claimed top speed was 53 [[mph]] (85 [[km/h]]). The [[engine]] was constantly upgraded and modified, in 1984 it was released as Honda CD70.

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