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Harley-Davidson RR250

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[[Image:1975 Harley-Davidson RR250.jpg|right|thumb|1975 Harley-Davidson RR250]]
Available through your local [[Harley-Davidson]] dealer, the RR250 was eligible for [[AMA ]] Class C racing. The US versions used [[Mikuni]] [[carburetors]], while the European counterparts had Italian Dell'Orto. Ceriani four leading shoe front [[drum brake]] was standard equipment, but this machine has the "factory only" twin disc setup. These machines were built by Harley-Davidson's subsidiary [[Aermacchi]]. Harley needed a line of small capacity entry level machines to attract younger potential customers into their dealerships, so they purchased this old established company. ==See also==*[[Bimota 250RR]]*[[List of Harley motorcycles]]  {{Harley}}
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