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Honda CD200

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South Africa did not get the 12 volts or CDI. I think that was only done to the Benly models which we did not get.
The bike was a cheap commuter vehicle with a claimed 100 [[miles]] (160 [[km]]) per gallon and a smooth ride. Too slow for a 200 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]] bike, its top speed was only 70 [[mph]] (112 [[km/h]]) as the [[engine]] was detuned to keep maintenance cost to a minimum. This [[Motorcycle|bike]] targeted users who wanted a comfortable cheap transport suitable for long routes with low maintenance. Use of simple drum breaks in rear and front and a single carburetor were other measures used to keep the maintenance low. The [[motorbike|bike]] accelerated hard up to 65 [[mph]] (105 [[km/h]]); after that it was a flat ride. The [[engine]] had to be revved very hard to create any kind of excitement as the [[motorcycle|bike]] was too heavy (140 [[kg]]) for an [[engine]] that produced a modest 16 [[bhp]].
This model suffered from various manufacturing faults like a noisy cam chain and an unreliable electrical starter (later models were upgraded with 12 volts CDI system in the UK and South Africa.). In the UK the CD200 was affected by legislation restricting learner riders to bikes limited to 125 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]] and 12bhp. Honda introduced a 125 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]] Benly after the CD200 was withdrawn.The CD 200 Road Master was sold in South Africa until late 2004 and was used mainly as a courier/delivery bike.It retained the 6 volt electrics and points ignition.

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