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Yamaha YD-1

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{{Infobox Motorcycle|name = '''Yamaha YD-1'''|image photo= [[Image:Yamaha-YD1.jpg|frameless|thumb|Yamaha YD1]]
|aka =
|manufacturer = [[Yamaha]]
|parent_company =
|production = 1957
|predecessor =
|successor =
|class = [[Naked]]
|engine = 250cc Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke
|bore_stroke = 53.3mm x 53.3mm
|fuel_capacity =
|oil_capacity =
|recommended_oil=Yamalube 10w-40
|fuel_consumption =
|turning_radius =
|related =[[Yamaha YD-2]]
|competition =
[[Yamaha]], the youngest of the "[[Big Four]]" [[:Category:Japanese motorcycles|Japanese motorcycle manufacturers]], didn't build its first two-wheeler until 1954, when it unveiled a copy of the [[DKW]] [[DKW RT125|RT125]],calling it the [[Yamaha YA-1|YA-1]]. This spidery [[motorcycle]] was a great success. It won handily the first cindertrack hillclimb ever held at Mount Asama, north of Tokyo, in both 125 and 250cc classes. It was a decisive moment for
==Inspired by Adler==
[[Image:1957 Yamaha YD-1.jpg|200px|thumb|left|1957 Yamaha YD-1]]
But Yamaha's competitors were not standing still, so in 1957 Yamaha launched a new 250cc model, this time based on the [[Adler]] [[Adler MD250MB250|MB250]]. The new bike's main difference was in its frame, which was a [[pressed steel]] copy of the German Adler's cradle frame. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea! The first racing versions of the 250 YD1, seen at Mount Asarna in 1957 and in the Catalina United States Grand Prix in 1958, went back to the original German cradle design.
==A Brilliant Dynasty==
The bike has a 4-Speed transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-discsdisc clutch.

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