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Honda CB100

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{{Infobox Motorcycle
|name = '''Honda CB100'''
|image photo= [[Image:cb100.jpg|frameless|1970 Honda CB100]]
|aka = CB100SS, CB 100 SS, CB100N, CB 100 N, CB 100
|manufacturer = [[Honda]]
|predecessor =
|successor =
|class = [[NakedStandard]]
|engine = single cylinder, four-stroke
|bore_stroke = 50.5mm x 49.5mm
Final Drive: [[chain]] <br>
|frame =
|suspension =
|fuel_capacity = 1.98 Gallon (7.50 Liters)
|oil_capacity =
|recommended_oil=Honda GN4 10W-40
|fuel_consumption =
|turning_radius =
|related = [[Honda GL100]], [[Honda CB125]], [[Honda CB175]], [[Honda CB200]]
|competition = [[Kawasaki G3|Kawasaki G3 90cc]]
[[<gallery mode='packed-hover'>File:1970-honda-cb100-in-candy-blue-green-0.jpg|1970 Honda CB100 in Candy Blue GreenFile:1970-honda-cb100-in-candy-blue-green-1.jpg|1970 Honda CB100 in Candy Blue GreenFile:1970-honda-cb100-in-candy-blue-green-2.jpg|1970 Honda CB100 in Candy Blue GreenImage:honda_Cb100k0.jpg|left|thumb|1971 Honda CB100]]<br style="clear: left"/gallery>
The [[Honda]] Super Sport 100 (CB100K0) was sold in 1970. Three colors were available with white stripes: Candy Blue Green, Candy Ruby Red, and Candy Gold. The front fork cover and rear shock cover as well as the headlight shell were the same as the basic color. The fenders were chrome. The engine was a single cylinder 99cc OHC and had a 5-speed transmission. The serial number began CB100-100001.
* Spark Plug: [[NGK D8EA]]
*[[Honda CB175]]
*[[Honda CB200]]
{{Honda CB}}

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