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Honda CR250M

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By 1973 [[Honda]] was known as had a builder of fourreputation for buidling outstanding 4-stroke motorcycles. Two However, two-stroke bikes were offered by other manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, and they Yamaha were winning the road racing events. In Furthermore, in the 701970's, four-stroke motorcycles did not stand a chance against two-strokes in motocross racing. In 1973 Honda stunned everyone the world with its revolutionary Elsinore CR250M two-stroke.
It was Honda's first two-stroke (apart from some early attempts 25 years before) and the first purpose-built, production motocross machine from Honda. It changed motocross bikes forever with its light weight, 29 horsepower over a broad [[Revolutions per minute|RPM]] band, and superlative handling. As a complete package, it challenged the established European dominance.
In 1973, a modified Elsinore ridden by Gary Jones won the first AMA 250 Nationals. In time, it became the most successful motocross bike in AMA history, winning 24 National and Supercross titles.
The CR250M Elsinore was replaced in 1978 with the [[Honda CR250R]].
The CR250M'76 Elsinore was sold in 1976 in Tahitian Red. The gas tank, number plates, and frame were red. The fenders were also red, color impregnated plastic. The engine, handlebars, and number plate panels were black. It featured upswept exhaust system and forward mount shocks. The engine was a single cylinder 2-stroke displacing 248cc with a 5-speed transmission. The serial number began CR250M-1000216.
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