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1994 BMW R 1100 GS
==1994 BMW R 1100 GS==
[[Image:1994-BMW-R1100GS.jpg|right|thumb|1994 BMW R1100GS]]
The 1994 MY BMW R 1100 GS has, at its heart, an air/oil-cooled, four-stroke, 1084cc, boxer two cylinder powerplant mated to a five-speed manual transmission that can produce a claimed 80 horsepower and 97 Nm of torque.
It comes with features such as laced wheels, a dual seat, a small luggage rack, pillion grab handles, a small windscreen, a high-mounted exhaust system, a suspension package composed of a BMW Motorrad Telelever in the front and a Paralever unit in the rear, dual front disc brakes, a single disc in the rear, a center stand and a front mud-guard.
==1995 BMW R 1100 GS==
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