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BMW R1150R

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2000 BMW R 1150 R
==2000 BMW R 1150 R==
[[File:bmw-r1150r-2000-2000-1.jpg|600px|2000 BMW R 1150 R]]
[[File:bmw-r1150r-2000-2000-0.jpg|600px|2000 BMW R 1150 R]]
The 2000 MY BMW R 1150 R has, at its heart, an air/oil-cooled, four-stroke, 1130cc, boxer two cylinder powerplant paired to a six-speed manual transmission with a shaft final drive, and can produce a claimed 95 horsepower and 98 Nm of torque.
This powerful naked also comes with features such as a dual seat, die-cast aluminium wheels, an analogue instrument cluster, dual front disc brakes coupled to a single disc in the rear, a large, chromed headlamp, a suspension package composed of a BMW Motorrad Telelever in the front and a BMW Motorrad Paralever in the rear and a high-mounted exhaust.
==2001 BMW R 1150 R==
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