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{{Infobox Motorcycle
|name = '''BMW R1200GS'''
|image =[[File:Bmw-r1200gs-2006-2006-4.jpg|frameless]]
|aka = R1200GS Adventure Triple Black, R 1200 GS Adventure Triple Black, R1200GS Triple Black, R 1200 GS Triple Black, R1200GS Adventure XE, R 1200 GS Adventure XE, R1200GS Enduro, R 1200 GS Enduro, R1200GS TripleBlack, R 1200 GS TripleBlack, R1200GS xDrive Hybrid, R 1200 GS xDrive Hybrid, R1200GS TE Exclusive, R 1200 GS TE Exclusive, R1200GS Rallye TE, R 1200 GS Rallye TE, R1200GS Rallye, R 1200 GS Rallye, R1200GS TE, R 1200 GS TE, R1200GS Adventure, R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure
|manufacturer = [[BMW]]
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