Sunbeam S7

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1947 Sunbeam S7
Sunbeam S7

This is the original Sunbeam S7 produced from 1946 - 1949 which was superseded by the S7 Deluxe which is often also referred to as just an S7. Only around 2000 examples of this model were made during its 3 year production run. Frame number S7-101 was produced on the 21/12/1946 and production stopped with frame number S7-2205 on the 01/04/1949. Engine numbers ran to S7-2371 possibly the difference is due to components being made for dealer spares. Early frame and engine numbers matched, however nearer the end of the production run they started to slide apart and therefore they didn't all match even fresh from the factory. This motorcycle was offered in black paint only, however some dealers may have provided any color from the ICI paint range used by the BSA factory.

Due to the small production numbers of this model spares can be VERY hard to find and also VERY expensive. Although the S7 Deluxe resembles the S7 very few of the parts are interchangeable. Major parts such as engines, gearboxes, frames, rear drive units, tinware, air filter covers, fuel tanks, dynamos, exhaust systems, forks and all the controls are different. It would be quicker to list the parts that are shared!

This model generally commands the highest of the shaft drive Sunbeam prices mainly due to historic interest, however it also provides the least usable motorcycle of the three. Reliability although modifiable is not great, in some part due to the fact the engine carries very little oil (note depth of sump pan). The handling is poor in comparison with either of the other models and performance was always a compromise.

Restoration of this model is not recommended for those with shallow pockets or without considerable engineering skills.