Suzuki AN250 Burgman: history, specs, pictures

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Suzuki AN250 Burgman
Also called AN 250 Burgman, Skywave
Production 2000
Class Scooter
single cylinder, four-stroke
Horsepower 22.53 HP (16.8 KW) @ 7000RPM
Torque 18.44 ft/lbs (25.0 Nm) @ 6000RPM
Wheelbase 62.68 inches (1592 mm)
Seat Height 27.17 inches (690 mm)
Weight 365.97 pounds (166.0 Kg) (dry),
Oil Filter K&N KN-132
Recommended Oil Suzuki ECSTAR 10w40
Related Suzuki AN650
Manuals Service Manual

The Suzuki AN250 Burgman was a single cylinder, four-stroke standard produced by Suzuki in 2000. Max torque was 18.44 ft/lbs (25.0 Nm) @ 6000 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 22.53 HP (16.8 KW) @ 7000 RPM. Both 250 and 650cc versions of the SkyWave/Burgman are featured in the video game Tourist Trophy.


The bike weighed just 365.97 pounds (166.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 62.68 inches (1592 mm) long.