Suzuki GSX1400

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Suzuki GSX1400
Manufacturer Suzuki
Model year 2001–2008
Class Standard
Engine Air/oil cooled 1402cc DOHC 16 valve inline four
Top speed 150mph[1]
Horse Power 106bhp[1]
Transmission Six speed, chain drive
Frame type Steel tube, double cradle.
Suspension Front: fully adjustable 46 mm fork
Rear: aluminum swingarm.
Brakes Front: 2 X 320mm discs w/6 piston Tokico calipers
Weight 228kg[1]
Manuals Service Manual
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The Suzuki GSX1400 is a muscle bike manufactured between 2001–2008 by Suzuki. Intended to be a faster and more torque-laden version Suzuki's similar Bandit 1200,[1] with more up to date technology,[2] the GSX1400 was still characterized as a "disco-era".[3]

Initially the bike was only produced for Japan and Europe,[4] opening to the Australian market from 2001; although there was a movement to try to make the GSX1400 available in the US and Canada. [3][5]

The GSX1400 is redlined at 9,000 rpm; however in practice there is little point in taking it past 7,000 because the bike has strong low and mid-range performance. The fuel injection throttle bodies are also fairly small bore and ultimately limit the breathing (and therefore power) of the engine at high revs, this does again however enhance low-end torque and response. Conversions including turbocharging and supercharging can be implemented to get around these breathing limitations and deliver significant increases in power and torque.

UK market models changed in detail over the years, on later models including a wheel color change from white to black, to swap from a 4 into 2 exhaust system to a 4 into 1 system, and Yoshimura branded exhaust silencers - although this was available as a dealer fit option.

The last model, virtually unchanged except for color schemes, was sold in 2008.[6]


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