Suzuki K125

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Black K125

The Suzuki K125 was a 125cc single cylinder, two stroke, street motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki in 1974 with the overall retro design of the Honda C77. It was unusual in that it was a single cylinder yet had dual exhausts pipes beginning at the cylinder head.



The K125 had sculpted plastic fenders not uncommon on early Honda motorcycles. The fuel tank was a simple early-mid 1960s design.


Air-cooled 123 cc single cylinder two-stroke, Rotary Disc Valve. 10,3 hp @ 7.000 rpm, 1,15 kg-m (8.29 lb-ft)/ 5.500 rpm. This bike, with its rotary disc valve engine was a unique design in the Suzuki stable. Rotary valve engines were almost exclusive to Kawasaki bikes.

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