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Honda C102 - 1962[edit]

Hi I'm a newbe here so don't get upset if I'm going about this the wrong way, only trying to help a bit. I have a friend who owns a 1962 Honda C102, it is in immaculate shape, he's the original owner with about 300-400 miles on it. All of the information that I see collected so far, (and maybe I'm not looking in the right places) doesn't offer the optional "sports kit" as he described it to me. Rather than a step thru as most all others in this catagory are termed, this one has a fuel tank positioned directly in front of the seat as in with most standard bikes. Also, it does not have the traditional leg guards and engine cover, but a small perferated chrome baffle around the upper part of the engine if I recall correctly. It really stands apart from all of the "standard" C102's. If this has helped in any way then I am glad to have helped. lakesidephil