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Hi There. I'm from Manitoba Canada, and I have recently aqquired a Honda Dream 300. From what I've seen on the pictures from this website, I'm under the assumption that it is a C77. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me out by letting me know if parts are available for this bike. It was my dad's, and it has sat in his garage for many years. I don't have the engine for it, but the body is in great shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, welcome to the site. Well the definite way to start would be to try to find a VIN or serial number on the bike and verify it with this information on this site, if possible. There are a good deal of people specializing in parts for bikes like these. One I've seen mentioned over and over is CMSNL, I can't attest to their service but I have seen them mentioned many places. One thing you'll probably want to learn is if it's a C77 or a CA77, from my knowledge they mostly differ in the export schedules (CAs were in general just Cs exported to certain regions). And it wouldn't hurt to become familiar with what the differences were between the two models, such as different speedometers, etc. If you don't have the engine for it you're probably best off buying another bike and having one donor and one recipient bike. In this case, I would recommend you start off by visiting and, I'm sure if you want it enough you'll be able to work with a seller in transporting it to Canada. If you need any help in looking for more specific parts just ask. Make sure to do google searches CA77 parts, and be prepared to call people. Also, A group of people who are actively involved in restoring bikes such as these is at Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club.--Budlight 12:59, 9 January 2007 (EST)