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I bought a 1964 cb77 in 1972 when I turned 18. I sold my twin-jet 100 (Yamaha) to a friend and moved into the big time on my 305. As was often the case back then, the original flat bars that appeared on the early models had been swapped for something higher. This required new longer cables that just added to the annoyance when I put the original flat bars back on (had to change all the cables) I put about 30,000 miles on it, rebuilding it twice along the way. I worked in a Honda shop then and always took a ribbing for owning the bike. One day at the end of work, I looked outside and the bike was gone. My Very Humorous co-workers had pushed the bike into the showroom and written $60 on the headlight, which was quite low even for that far off time. At that time my dream bike was the rd350 because privateers had won at Daytona beating the bigger bikes. Thank goodness I never got one. Like a fool, I traded the bike for a 12 string guitar. The guitar needed a bridge adjustment and the bike was pretty well worn (one of the frame ears to which the engine connected was broken off). Probably my favorite memory was riding 300 miles home at night from a trip to MI with a bad ground to the taillite. Every once in a while I would look behind me to see -- darkness, the T/L was out!! Finally, since I always traveled ridiculously prepared, I ran an extra ground wire to the tail lite. The trip ended at 5:30 am riding up the Outer Drive in Chicago in a lightning storm praying that I would not be hit.