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Should we split VT1100C2 from VF1100S[edit]

They are both technically Sabre's but way different bikes and a split should be considered.--Budlight 09:45, 21 October 2006 (PDT)

RE:Should we split VT1100C2 from VF1100S[edit]

IMO yes the two should be split. the only thing the two have in common is the name Sabre. The VT (Vtwin) engine shares nothing with the VF(Vfour) the styling of the bike is totally different VT= cruiser/harley wannabe vs. VF=UJM... Universal Japanese Motorcycle or Standard in the old school way of things.

Other than the name, the manufacturer and two wheels the two share nothing to speak of.

Personally, give me a V4 anyday and I'll be happy.

I agree these should be split, I'll go ahead and start doing it.--Budlight 14:38, 6 February 2007 (EST)