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Nostalgia. I bought one, V45 Sabre, (though I called it a Saber and it was) used in the late 80's. Think I paid somewhere around $1000 +/- 200. Finest and last motorcycle I ever owned. This machine was a monster. It had a redline on the tach of 11,000 rpm! Which was exceed on fast acceleration on occasions, probably to 12 to 12.5k rpm. You couldn't help it. This motor was just that well built and was a SCREAMER. The torque on this engine never, NEVER... ever quit coming, in any gear, at any rpm, including the overdrive! Amazing for a carburetored engine. It never stalled on me.

Mine was an 83 model, red with a speedometer of 150. Once, one late night on an empty long flat stretch of two lane blacktop here in east Texas, I decided to open her up and see how fast I could get her to go. I put the spurs to her and when I hit 6th gear I had already eclipsed the 150 speedo mark and wasn't even near redline. I had no front faring on this bike. My chest was flat against the tank and my head was eye level with the instrument cluster and I was holding on for dear life. The air pressure at this speed was so great that if I had raised up but a couple of inches I would have been swept off the machine. I glanced at the speedo and the tach at this time and saw that I still had rpm's to go, don't remember the exact number as I was just trying to stay on the bike. Probably in excess of 165 mph. She could have given more if I had kept going, but the front shake and twist was so bad I had to back off.

Honda may make better engines and better frames now, but this was the prototype that got them there. Be safe, be respectful and enjoy your liberty.

Thanks CycleChaos for providing this site!

MikeO Texan